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Touches and Analysis

Touches can now have an optional start change so you don't always have to start from Rounds.
Analysis allows unlimited touch lengths, searches for an increased variety of 'roll-ups', and has new options to limit or extend the searches.

Print Preview

  now has an Undo button to reverse the last overwrite when printing multiple methods/touches on the same page.

Sensor Input

COM and USB ports

There is now provision for 8 COM ports, each with up to 4 pins, allowing for the full complement of bells and switches.

New Auto-GO option

There is now an option for Beltower to call 'GO method' automatically after a selected number of strokes, for use with sensors where there is no available foot switch.   The latest version will also call Stand, automatically, after That's All.

Co-operative Timing and Co-operative Speed

These have been improved and are proving very useful for learners, as an introduction to rounds.

Diagnostics in Free-Strike mode

  have been improved as well, and the latest version also reports unselected pin signals on open COM ports.

Striking Monitor

The Striking Monitor shows the striking of the ringer's bell, in Single Bell mode, as shown here, and, since v11.01, shows all bells as an optional alternative, combining the old striking monitor into the new window, which can be resized to improve the visibility across the ringing chamber.  

In Single Bell mode, it displays the relative position within the range +/- a whole blow (inter-strike interval).

With perfect striking the bell will appear in the centre, but will shift to left or right (early/late) and the colour will change from green, through yellow, to red, and disappear altogether, as the striking deteriorates.

Since v11.11 the counts of ringer's strikes in selected ranges is also shown, in the grey and black bars, and since v11.01 the fault% can also be shown on each row in the changes window.

Striking Monitor - Single Bell mode

Screen Shot 1

Single bell mode, showing the 2, 11% early at hand stroke.

Listening and Conducting Challenge

There have been great improvements here too.   See Listening and Conducting Challenge

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