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The greatest improvement for five years

  - a giant leap forward


Free-Strike (sometimes known as silent practice mode) is no longer a separate mode - it now keeps running in the back-ground.   Gone is 'Strike As', and the F2 start key.   The bell pitch and input are now consistent in all modes.   The ringing bells are selected in Ring Options and F2 now opens the Call Changes Editor.   The big change is that free-strike mode now begins on start-up and stays active virtually all the time, and ringing is applied on top of free-strike.

Interactive Animation with Free-Strike

The animation now responds to your input before and after ringing, including when paused, and maintains the hand/back strokes.

Animation Perspective

The ropes images are scaled according to the distance from the viewer - the further away they get the smaller they become.   The animation has been improved as well, now showing the tail end under the thumb and the rope over the wrist, and the rope hangs with the thumbs pointing down at the bottom.
Moving ropes

Screen Shot 1:

  Animation, eye-level view, showing perspective

Animation Auto-Resizing

The animation images automatically resize to fit the window, but there are three manual over-rides to get it the way you want it.   Hold the Control key down to suppress resizing, hold the Shift key down to promote image resizing, and hold the Alt key down to adjust the width of the ropes+ringers.

Striking Display

The striking display in the Changes window shows and highlights the ringer's bells in their striking positions, and now each row optionally shows the striking fault, as a percentage of a strike.   Highlighting changes and Alternate Input mode have both also been improved.
Changes window

Hand and tower bell call switch input improved

A new start/stop key has been provided to improve the use with Graham John's new free USB Handbell Manager software.   Call keys/switches now double up as Go, Auto-Call Go has been enabled with keyboard-only/USB input, and the T key or tool-button can be used to toggle That's All.   Interactive animation is available with free-strike, and there is a new Options preset to simplify selection of HandBells, with Sensors, Animation, Co-operative Timing and all the necessary settings.

Wait For Correct Input

This new mode makes Beltower stop at the beginning of each row, until you have entered the correct place for your selected bell, and it won't proceed until you do.   This is useful for practising methods without it running away when you go wrong, allowing you to concentrate on the method without worrying about split second timing of your input.

A few of the other improvements

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    Version 11.00

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