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Printing with Full Colour Preview

A method or touch can be printed, oriented as portrait or landscape.   You can choose any font, with separate fonts for the body and the titles.   You can choose any blue line bells, with/without blue/red lines, with/without blue/red bell numbers, any colour (or black) for the lines and/or numbers, every bell in a different colour, and you can change the widths of the lines.   You can also select how often to repeat the underlines (often every 4 or 6 rows).   Another option is to output to a text file, which you could then search, edit, reformat or what you will.   There is a choice of layouts and there are unlimited templates to store combinations for re-use.
Touches can include all changes, lead heads, event heads, call heads, course heads or coursing orders.   Touch compositions and analysis can be printed too.

Screen Shot 1:

  The Print Preview shows a 120 of Plain Bob Minor.

Here we have coloured lines and numbers, and as the composition fits on a single line (eg. 2(w h) ) it is printed beneath the title.   The optional elements of the title are method name, stage (eg. Minor) and touch name.

The Bobs can be printed as dashes if you prefer.
Touch Preview

Screen Shot 2

  shows the preview of a spliced touch printed in columns, indicating M and the method ID at method changes, and dashes at Bobs

Print Spliced in Columns

Screen Shots 3 and 4

  show print outs in preview of two slightly different spliced touches, both illustrating similar features - ie. method names in full, splice at half-lead, the call rounds, coloured lines or numbers (you can have both) and the optional grey background columns.

Don't take these touches too seriously, they are only for illustration.

Print Spliced LInes
Print Spliced Changes

Other print outs include musical analysis and touch compositions (the contents of the Touch edit box).

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    Printing Touches

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