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The Simulator - Summary

The bell ringing simulator reproduces perfect striking and voiced calls, with interactive animation.  

The method listing includes a variety of options including red and blue lines.   The animation can be shrunk or enlarged to suit your display, and all the colours can be changed.  

There is a choice of hand bell or tower bells, in both sound and pictures.   There is a choice of bell sounds including (half-)muffled and MIDI, or you can use your own recordings.   You can also use your own calls.   The timing of calls (relative to the striking) can be varied as well (for hand/tower bells or near/far calls).  

Methods, Touches or Call Changes can be rung and/or called.   Users can ring one or more bells using the keyboard, mouse, tower bell sensors, dummy hand bells, through COM or USB, or from MIDI devices.   Calls can be input as well.   Input timing (calls and/or striking) can be varied and bells can be input either by place or timing.

Your striking is monitored and your accuracy reported in various ways, including recording, play-back, assessment and reporting.   Ringers can perfect their listening skills using the automated Challenge with striking faults, and budding conductors can practice detecting faults as they occur, all according to selected criteria.

Raising and Lowering is available, either in peal with Beltower or free-striking (aka. silent practice), and the automations enable you to practise Devon Call Change competition style (ie. raise, ring test piece and lower) entirely automatically, with Beltower making all the calls.

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