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Libraries   include methods, touches and call changes.
The Beltower method library contains nearly 200 methods plus a few illustrative touches and quarter peals.   Touches include spliced, mixed, generic and method-specific types.

The latest microSIRIL method library is also included, containing over 20,000 methods (every method ever named).   It is regularly updated and can be downloaded from the internet.

Editors   include method, touch and call-changes editors.
The Call Changes Editor includes a dedicated prover, and the listing is updated as you edit.

You can add methods directly from place notation, or from the blue line, or by using the place-notation/bell-sequence editor.   Methods can be edited intuitively, and calls added or amended, with editable calling positions, and the listings are updated, automatically, as you edit.

Touches can be edited as either method-specific, spliced, mixed (often combining extents of Doubles or Minor) or generic (for a variety of methods).   Splicing can be at part-lead rounds, half-lead or any row, and both mixed and spliced can include mixed stages (eg. Triples and Major).   The free-format editors allow liberal use of comments and white-space to improve readability, and to allow them to be entered 'the way you write them'.

The Composer, Analysis and Prover   raise it to a higher level.  
The Composer will create touches according to selected criteria, including spliced.   Touch Analysis reports musical rows (incl. CRUs), 'all the work' and calling positions.   The Prover checks methods and touches, including spliced, and the False Rows Reports give details of duplications.
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