Improvements since v12.00

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A variety of improvements have been made since v12.00, including the following:

Multi-Method Touches:
Enable part-lead change of method at rounds, both edited and conducting.

Serial Sensor Input:
Provided for bell and call signals with COM port serial input (Belfree interface).

Kaleidoscope and Print Template:
Fixed problems where Kaleidoscope library sometimes didn't load, and template images were sometimes missing.

Lady Ringers:
The animation now has 8 options of male and female ringers, including user-definable and neither (only the ropes - Cartoon).

Method Library:
89 new methods in the Method Library, from RW Diary 2014 and 2008 and Diagrams 2011, plus amended method names as Diagrams 2011, incl. all standard 41 Surprise minor methods c/w long/short WAV voices and more long WAV voices.

Beep At Strike:
A new optional Beep+Invert allow you to eliminate the beep with perfect striking.

Call Changes:
There are now options allowing calling the bells to change (eg. 2 and 3 change), or calling by places (eg. 2nd and 3rd change) and opposed to calling the bell to follow.

Up/Down and High/Low Input Transitions:
A new option detects Up/Down Transitions on input from keyboard, mouse or Hand Bell Manager, and High/Low Transitions from external sensors.   With either of these, the Hand and Back stroke responses are controlled by your input: up/down or high/low.   These are available with most input modes, and there are also options to switch High/Low for Hand stroke with sensors, and Up/Down for Hand stroke on key-in with tower bells.

Wait mode:
Incorrect entries and delayed input are now flagged, separately, in the Changes window, in Wait For Correct Input mode, to help you find consistent mistakes.

Sensor Input:
The RI pin on the COM port is now totally reliable for sensor input, and Cooperative Timing now works with Alternate Signals input mode.

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    Improvements since v12.00

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