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Beltower now offers a Basic mode because, like many office applications, 90% of the features are used by only 10% of the users, and vice versa.   Basic mode comes in two parts:   the Welcome Screen and the Basic Panel.

Welcome Screen:
There is a new Welcome screen inviting you to choose Basic or Advanced user modes.   The Basic option offers you a choice of preset Timing Options, for either hand or tower bells, which will initialise Beltower with the appropriate settings.   There is also a quick access guide to setting up sensors.

Basic Mode:
In addition to all the advanced features, the new Basic Panel provides a few big buttons to get you started,
and a larger font in the Changes window, as shown on the right.

New Voice Calls:
All voice calls have been re-recorded for improved sound quality.
There is a choice of short/long method calls   eg. Cambridge (Surprise),
and a new option to call Treble instead of One in call changes.

The volume balance between bells and calls has also been improved
and there is a new common Volume control in Sound Settings to adjust all the bells at once.

Timing Options:
There are 3 additional preset combinations for Tower Bell Sensors:
  • Animation with Ringer Omitted,
  • Cooperative Timing,
  • Cooperative Timing with Cooperative Speed.
The adjustment of ringer's bells, multi-keys and sensors has been improved as well.

Installing Sensors:   There is a new Help page for first time installation and diagnostics.

Upgrade Wizard:   This includes a repeatable option to switch between long and short method calls, for all methods in one go.

Licence:   The licence has been changed to freely allow installation in bell towers.
Basic mode

Screen Shot 1 - Basic Mode

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    Version 12.00

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