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A few kind words from satisfied users:

Thank you for your wonderful Beltower, it is so very much better than Abel.
E O, Somerset   6.5.20

Just a comment to say how excellent I find Beltower software.   It takes the hard work out of learning new methods!  Well mostly!
A S, Lincolnshire

I just wanted to give you some feedback that since buying "Beltower" from you in September last year, I absolutely LOVE it !
I have gone from zero surprise ringing to now being able to ring all eight of the standard eight surprise major methods, and Beltower has been absolutely crucial in my learning.
S A, Staffordshire

It's perfect now! I shall use it all the time and tell everyone it's better than Abel.
Personally I put much higher priority on flowing animation than co-operative timing because I don't really need the latter. However learners would I think prefer the cooperative timing and leave the bells to flip.
Anyway to summarise it's now almost perfect for handbell ringers with flip off and much better than Abel - so well done!
J H, Devon

I'm finding Beltower extremely helpful - I've tried two other bell ringing programs, but this is definitely the best!
S N, Lancashire

Please allow me to tell you how much I enjoy using your software.   Nearly every day I spend significant time learning and reviewing methods.   I started ringing last June at Washington National Cathedral, and without "Beltower" I would have been at a considerable disadvantage.
B W, Virgina, USA

I thought the original Beltower we had was great but, with the real ringers, it is now fantastic.   We updated as we were buying a Saxilby simulator - for me, the two together are an amazing learning tool and I can go wrong to my hearts content and not be glared at!!!!
S F, Yorkshire

I am finding Beltower very useful and I thank you for producing an easy to use piece of software.
M S, Dorset

Thanks for all the work and creativity you have put into Beltower.   The whole programme is an amazing achievement.   If I hadn't had access to Beltower (which I use with my dumbbell), I would have probably given up ringing some time ago.
G F, Essex

For me this is the best learning tool ever. I will not admit to how many hours I have spent on it over the last four years!!
S F, East Yorkshire

I'm glad that you are developing Beltower further.   With the recent changes announced by [another app], I'm pleased that you will be maintaining your position as THE BEST ringing simulator available.   I also hope that the Ringing World will offer you the same publicity that [another app] has recently enjoyed.
J T, Northamptonshire

My wife and I have both been trying it out and we are both very impressed. What an amazing piece of software!
D T, Cambs

Just spent about an hour and a half on the latest version of Beltower and it's running great!   I rang Bristol Max followed by about a quarter of Norman Smith's 8 spliced surprise major composition.   Taking antivirus software off the computer has removed all the stuttering and I've been using it for proving quarter peal compositions as well.   Awesome software :)
J H, Devon

Its a great piece of software and comes highly recommended by everyone I mention it to.   I am a fairly seasoned beginner ringing Plain Hunt on real bells in real towers but practicing at home on Beltower on my laptop has dramatically increased my confidence and progress in just a month of using it and am itching to get going on other methods.
J B, Worcester

Beltower is a fantastic programme, which has helped me to make much faster progress than I would have done otherwise.
and later ...
The more I use Beltower, the more I realise I'm only just scratching the surface of it's capabilites.   It must be very well-designed indeed: to be so resilient and reliable in the face of continual enhancement and development.
G F, Essex   a user for 5 years

For me, your programme is the best thing since sliced bread.   I need to do a method to death and then some before it starts to sink in so I will not tell you how many hours I have spent on your programme in the last year!! ... Once again can I just say how fantastic your programme is.
S F, Yorks

What a fantastic programme this is.   I entirely attribute my progress in change ringing to the practice I can undertake on Beltower.   I have version 11.11.
J T, Lincs

We are very pleased with the programme ... We are especially pleased with the graphics and the flexibility built in to the software.   I think it will greatly improve our ringing skills.
S F, Yorks

I'm delighted to report that Beltower works faultlessly with John Norris's Mini-Dumbbell.   The dumbbell itself is beautifully designed and constructed, and Beltower provides a useful range of configuration parameters.   Used together, they make for an incredibly realistic ringing experience.   Many thanks
G F, Essex

Beltower is an extraordinarily useful product - my rope sight has increased leaps and bounds since I started using it.   I'm very grateful to you for writing it.
T C, Surrey

I find the programe absolutely terrific.   Of course it can't replicate the tower but I am now ringing methods in our tower and others that I probably would never have tried without Beltower.   Thank you so much.
T F, Northants

As always I'm delighted with [Beltower v11.00] and would not use any other ringing software!   Beltower is by far and away the best.
A R, Warwickshire

G P, Oxon

Beltower is a brilliant simulator.   I use only a fraction of its potential, but it is absolutely invaluable.   I have been ringing for 15 months and this week rang my first QP inside, the 2 for bob minor.   There is no way I would have been able to achieve that without having Beltower for lots of practice at home.   I recommend it to everyone.
C R, Wirral

I would just like to say that I have found Beltower invaluable. ... Thanks entirely to Beltower, ropesight ... is no longer a real obstacle to my progress. I'm truly grateful.
G H, Lincolnshire

I have setup the [sensor] time delays etc. and the outcome is excellent.   So many thanks, and Congratulations on coming up with such a great piece of software.   I am just hoping I can get my ringing half as good as your software.
D B, East Yorkshire

I am finding the cooperative timing option really useful for learning to ring handbells.   It is much more sympathetic to a learner than fixed rhythm.
T J, Norfolk

I have to say that the software is excellent and I use it a lot.   I find that it is easy to enter new methods etc.   It is a great help to me learning new methods.
N R, Carmarthen

I love the programme to bits and recommend it to everyone who will listen.
A R, Warwickshire

I have been using Beltower for a year now, and find it enormously helpful.   I am a late middle-aged learner, just struggling with Surprise Minor, and it is very useful to be able to practise every night for five or ten minutes rather than just once a week.   And I find your software incredibly helpful for ropesight.   I have just purchased a Saxilby dumbel [and] I am hoping to set this up with Beltower projecting onto a wall the opposite side of the room, thus providing me with a virtual tower and band.
T C, Surrey

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the excellent programme.   I've just returned to ringing after a 25 year absence and it is so helpful in trying to remember all the things I have forgotten.
P J, Lincolnshire

First of all I should like to take this opportunity to tell you that Beltower has transformed my still modest ringing ability.   As a late starter I was disappointed to find how slow I was in acquiring ropesight;   the discovery of Beltower three or so years ago was just what I was looking for and it has proved invaluable in the iterative process of hammering methods into my ageing memory.   I now feel much more confident and my next objective is a Quarter of Cambridge minor.   ... believe me, I couldn't have got anything like as far as I have without the help of Beltower!
G H, Lincolnshire

I think that it is a great and extremely useful program.
M C, Kent

I found it very useful, when learning Grandsire Doubles and Bob Minor particularly, to stand behind a Beltower ringer and ropesight my way through touches.   Doing this repeatedly and behind different bells helped me to get the thing into my skull so I reacted correctly on real bells when calls were made without having to think too hard about it - saved a lot of peoples' time and reduced the amount of clanging during practices.   I don't bother pressing a key to ring a bell - it's a different action and a different set of neurons.   Just mentally practicing through watching works best.   I find the visual simulator good - it's the main reason I opted for Beltower.
K H, Australia

Many thanks for the effort you put into the constant improvement of this so-useful program.
E C, Warwickshire

I think Beltower is an excellent program and my rope sight is improving rapidly through its use.   I attribute a lot of my progress to your programme. ... I don't think we'd be anywhere near there without computer practice [now] entirely on Beltower.
and later...
My wife and I have, over several years now, used the rope graphics to learn ropesight - first on doubles methods, then on minor and, more recently on triples and major.   The result is that after 6 years total ringing and starting in our 60s, we have made progress to a level where we now can ring a range of surprise minor touches ... whilst coming from a home band which is only rarely able to ring bob doubles at all well. ... At home we use the multikey input option so that different fingers on both hands can be used in turn, so that we don't get RSA in any one finger or wear out one key!
D G, Hertfordshire

Love your program ... Especially the animation, that really is going to be useful.
and later...
Beltower is brillant ... You have obviously spent a long time and have considered all the best options for this program.   Thanks again.   I did my first touch of Grandsire Doubles at the last practice and it went quite well.   That was down to the practice I got using Beltower.
M W, Oxon

You have probably heard this before but the software really is superb, thank you.
M J E, Tayside

I would not have made any progress in method ringing without the practice I get on Beltower - It is a very good product.
M W, Essex

My father, E J, has had a new lease of life since he resumed 'tower' ringing using your programme. He had been a tower captain for many years ...
W S, County Durham

You know it really is an excellent program!   It's made my work as a 'Bob Caller' & teacher so much easier being able to print out touches.
K G, West Yorkshire

Its a great ringing simulator, and for me, a ringer who has never advanced much in all the time that I have been ringing, thanks to you, it enables me to practice at home and so I can now struggle through a plain course of Stedman.
T B, Shropshire

The new features are very useful, especially key-in at pull-time ... many thanks for a really excellent product.
D D, Gwynedd

Beltower is streets ahead, in terms of functionality and interface, to another well known "Bel" product.   Well done!
T W, East Sussex

A fantastic piece of software - Well done.
D C-M, Cambridgeshire

I have found the program really useful and great fun to use and have had no hesitation in recommending it to my fellow ringers.
M W, West Yorkshire

Thank you for sending the Beltower program so promptly.   I must say I am very impressed indeed - well done on producing such a useful package ... .   It is re-assuring to know that it has been produced not only by someone who knows how to write effective Windows software, but also who understands bell ringing thoroughly.
N G, Surrey

If I ever learn to conduct, it'll be thanks to you & Steve Coleman.   I am having fun exploring Beltower ...
J K, Glasgow

May I say how much my ability to learn and remember the methods has improved since buying Beltower.
J D, Worcestershire

I bought your Beltower software last year [2001] from the Ringing Roadshow and have used it very regularly ever since.   I was far more impressed by Beltower than [another well known 'Bel' product], and in using it for long periods of time, I think it's a brilliant piece of software, and the layout of having touches related to methods & in the same popup box etc.
S W, North Staffordshire

I am happy with [Beltower], it does everything I want perfectly, I use it all the time and am very grateful to you for it.
W D, Devon

We have both enjoyed your programme and it has been a great help to us as relatively new ringers with learning new methods.
R J D, Norfolk

I am always game for an upgrade ...   I love Beltower and often give myself a blast of a favourite plain course before getting down to work in the evening.
R I, Nottinghamshire

I've been using "Single signal with delay" which ... is working beautifully ... in the tower ... .   And it's brilliant! ... the striking was spot on ... the collective pitch adjustment allowed us to make it sound exactly like our own treble.   In fact we had our first practice last week with clappers tied and using Beltower.   Everyone was most impressed - the sound is so similar to the real bells.   And a few of us individually tried ringing a bell to a method, with Beltower sounding the other bells - also most impressive - one of them even managed a plain course of Rutland Royal in our 6-bell tower.
and later...
We had our first silent (outside) quarter peal using Free Striking mode on Wednesday.   Went well...
J P, Warwickshire

I am very, very happy with the programme.   It has given me hours of pleasure, thank you.
M B, Lincolnshire

... an upgrade ... I'm sure will make an excellent even better.
N G W, Norfolk

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