Abridged Modification History

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  Version 12  

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 v12.85 Cooperative Timing:   enable manual speed change when not ringing else msg,   add StatusBar flag,   enable restart CoopTim when stopped
Method Import:   remove Block and Differential from microSIRIL (CCCBR reallocated)
Help:   minor improvements
 v12.84 Sensors Settings:   enable 4 COM ports, +warnings,   allow Invalid COM ports
 v12.83 General:   amend default data path when file not found,   improved saving new BML,   a few minor fixes
Help: add specified ascii Method IDs
 v12.82 Cooperative Timing:   disable Ctrl+Up/Dn
 v12.81 Animation:   new opt HideOnInput
 v12.80 Raising FreeStrike:   StartStyle Immediate: new opt all strike at hand else ChimingIntervals,   StartStyle 1,12,123: strikes advanced one pull,   enable back bells alone
Sensors:   End key or end Raise/lower now resets sensors hand stroke
Sound Settings and Generally:   improved warning and error msgs
Help:   improved Sensors Ignore1stSignal,   improved RL StartStyle format,   microSIRIL: amend link, add Jump and Place,   Muster: remove link to Tutor download,   added RL to Tutor page
 v12.79 Import microSIRIL: added Jump class, renamed Plain as Place
Challenge: opt disable CoopTim/Speed on Open, restore on Close
Help: updated link to microSIRIL download
 v12.75 Sensors:   Serial: improve modal msgs, enable exit on response error with Bagley -Master
Wizard-Sensors:   don't close on msg Cancel
Help:   new page 1stTimeInstallSerialSensors,   improve StrikingAnalysis->SaveRecordingAs CAS
Setup:   de-maximise, keep forms centreApp,   don't suggest Beltower subfolder if CAS,   add prompt allow other apps,   fewer msgs on Abort
 v12.74 General:   msgs on sound file error now go to Sound/Voices/Method,   improved msgs on sound file error in Choose/CC/Method/Touch,   don't ask ReloadImages on Choose in Method/Touch Editors,   msg InvalidWAV follows redraw Anim,   renamed msg Reload Images as Reload Anim
TouchEdit:   ask Reload Anim on cancel to match MethodEdit
Raise/Lower:   improve msg init sensor delays
Licence:   allows use in tower or mini-ring
 v12.73 General:   improve forms & msgs posns incl. Upgrade & Setup,   improve Sensors Serial msgs, WAV file errors and error handlers

Challenge:   contain within App: adapt menus,shortcuts,toolbuttons,   show msg 'Opt1 deselected' now only if true,   only ask close Anim if Option 1,   never open maximised, or from Wizard,   remove changed * in caption,   show dim status flag when Option 4 selected+enabled,   allow bad settings until ring,   improve msg PlaceKeysToLog

Options:   cancel Challenge on Ok if CoopTim,   disable CoopTim+Speed if called from Challenge,   swap plkeys to Y-ontime if Challenge loaded +active +SendPlaceKeysToLog,   only show relevent Challenge warnings

Startup:   smaller splash screen, improve progress bar
Ring:   improve Options menu captions,   disallow Challenge if CoopTim, replace warning
StrkMon:   improve msg SaveHitsCount
Raise/Lower:   enable Challenge options,   reset on sound error,   prevent repeated LoadSndFiles on Reset
Striking Monitor:   improve startup posn
Recordings:   disable menu.Record while recording,   Details: disable maximise
Call Changes Edit:   reload sound files on exit,   AskSwitchRingersBell now after unload
Method Edit:   always close form on menu Exit/Cancel,   Mirror: improve msgs
Print Preview:   prevent flicker on show
Print Template:   improve save image msg size,layout, remove Help,   Update: msg now Warning
Wizard:   remove Challenge button, amend text
Display Settings:   improved init ScrollRows
Sound DLL v1.13:   remove InvalidWAV msg,   bug-fix: faulty error msgs on load WAV v8.32
Help:   minor improvements
 v12.71 BelTutor:   enable call Bob, Single for Muster
Help:   Muster setup instructions and a few subtle improvements
Upgrade:   re-enable opt jump to switch long/short method names in BML
Setup   add Uninstall.lnk to AppPath
 v12.70 Challenge:   Option 1: disable method (levels 10-12) if BML not loaded   Option 2,3: don't call Go on exit with level 5,   Option 4: improve VariableSpeed and show in status, enable manual start/stop faults with Raise/Lower and ignore variable speed
General:   incl web page in msg Invalid BKL File,   don't ask Reload images after PlayRecording
Animation:   fix occasional overlapping images
bug-fix:   msgbox hidden behind forms v12.66
Uninstall:   fixed quoted link parameters v12.68
 v12.69 Animation:   improved resizing if ropes, full-circle and omit ringer
OCXs:   restored latest MS ActiveX objects
Tutor:   added randomise n bells with Challenge Option 1,   About shows BKL file
 v12.68 Method/Touch ViewLines, Print+Preview:   add backgrnd grey columns with LinesOnly+/-Grid
Striking Monitor:   auto switch to AllBells if >1 ringer
Tip Of The Day:   add Jump Changes, R/L, X/Y calls, CC TCwithRandom, thorough improvement
Help:   improve Jump Notation, Personalised files, general updates & improvements,   MinSysReq: add install on Linux
Setup:   add Uninstall icon/menu link
 v12.67 Print:   add prompt Block Move shift+buttons
Raise/Lower:   default faster DblStrikes for light bells
Recordings:   enable save Distinct Hand/Back when RecMenu.Distinct un-checked,   improved playback Lowering transitions to silent H/B
 v12.66 Animation:   ask reload Real Ringers on change settings,   only redraw changed colours if Tower+Cartoons
Choose:   don't ask keep images for switch ringer when increasing nBells or if ringer out of range,   improve msg Can't Edit PH
Challenge:   ask switch off Animation
Basic:   improve caption
Import:   improve microSIRIL stage selection,   improve window height
Method:   disallow Choose edit Plain Hunt
Help:   improved Sensors PinHigh + Transitions
Help, ReadMe:   note install on Mac VM or BootCamp
 v12.65 Lowering:   M&C catch strike: add/improve highlight+strike time, adapt Strike Adjustment,   base final speed on tenor ringer
Raise/Lower:   adapt Bagley sensor delays on open window (was on R/L),   ChimeIntvls: now marks highest sensor,   ChimeAs reverted to Chime Ringers Bell As,   enable input on TabStrip
Recording:   improved R/L msg
Sensors:   increased time-out for Bagley response
Changes:   improved highlights
 v12.64 Lowering:   Miss & Catch now natural/realistic StrikeAtCatch, incl. new tab StrikeAdjustment,   ensure AskResetSensors if not ringing,   reduce backstroke volume faster,   new opt Add'l Pulls Before Call,   always AutoReset at end

Raising:   show 1st signals all StartStyles,   StartStyle: new opt VeryClose/partial (F5.Ring only),   AfterCount: improve Count-In timing +/-SensorDelay,   AfterCount: opt ringer call none, 1 or 123 with Free-Strike,   don't call Go if AutoStartR/L=2,   de-select Raising on reaching normal speed

RL Chiming Intervals:   Init: increase defaults,   show heaviest sensor bell,   auto-update Current Interval incl. where > 3secs,   ChimeAsSensor improved, defaults to heaviest sensor bell

Raise/Lower:   warn set Sensors.Ignore1stSignals on open R/L,   disable non-FreeStrike ctls when Ringers=all Bells,   improve striking with subset of bells,   improve auto-speed changes + new opt Open/CloseHandBackSpeed,   FreeStrike: show speed in statusbar,   enable Shift+manual speed-change when not R/L,   re-apply Options/manual speed changes on Reset,Lower,Options,Close,   reduce time after last strike for AskResetHB,   Options: disable DisplayAtKeyIn, VoiceCallsEarly,   Sensors/Options: disable Ok during Raise/Lower, enable on auto-Reset,   Sensors: enable TestSensor with MBI, adds H =hand with R/L,   Recording: record/playback After3MC, hide bluelines at R/L Catch

Touch Editing:   add P=proceed to rounds, incl. multi- and single- method formats (for extent+ QPs/peals)
Ring:   add opt DontAskAgain for msg OddStrike too early
Animation:   move Wait box near bottom of window
Sensors Settings:   improve msg MBI not responding
Help:   CallChanges: note # pause only if edited,   Raise/Lower: generally + new page RingSpeedForChime,   Raise: troubleshoot silent striking, Ignore1stSignal, keyboard repeat rate
 v12.63 Lowering:   added After 3 Miss+Catch for ring/free-strike,   4sec silence after catch,   close hand/back gap sooner/faster/smoother for chiming,   reduce backstroke volume at chime according to SpeedChange,   improved when to ask Reset Hand/Back,   maxSpeed now based on FirstStrike interval of ringing bells (was bell 1)

Raising:   StartStyles renamed Immediately,AfterCount,   Immediately: starts slower, silence bells if < FirstInterval on 1st row,   After Count: call Go sooner,   AfterCount Free-Strike: voice count-in,   1,12,123: starts without count,   1,12,123 Freestrike: force sequential strikes,   all StartStyles: new opt Close together,   sooner+faster squeeze hand/back at start,   restore backstrk volume on reaching fast RingSpeed

Raise/Lower:   show speed in status ringing/free-strike,   faster +/-silence bell for chiming,   ask Reset Hand/Back now Ok/Cancel, add with StartStyle=Immediately,   Abort renamed Reset,   Auto-Reset now after 4secs - was 10secs,   restore RingSpeed on Reset,   auto-enable Options/Sensors.Ok on Reset,   ChimingIntvls: add RingAsSensor,   hide StrikingMonitor in Basic mode,   disable Hold when open/close backstroke,   fix SpaceBar=Go conflict, incl disable Alt+O,   Chiming Intervals: stabilise real-time sensor Interval,   enable Apply,Go/Hold on ChimingIntervals tab

Voices + WAV:   added After3Miss+Catch
Sensors Settings:   consolidate Ignore1stSignal
Help:   R/L: improved TroubleShooting
Library + WAV:   added Original Singles/Doubles/Minor,   CooktownOrchid Delight Major,   Ely,Falmouth,Turramurra,Ytterbium Surprise c/w long+short WAVs
 v12.62 Ring:   Ring: adjust red bells after multi-row calls
MethodCalls/Choose:   msg invalid XY CallPos from pre-12.61, incl affected calls,   improve CP name width/posn
 v12.61 Touch Composer: Complete rewrite:   create up to 3-row X/Y calls at extg/new events,   incl nested parts,   +/-parts,   all rotations,   unlimited touch lengths,   repeated parts with no calls selected,   methods with no defined calls,   multi-events,   mixed lengths/events/stages,   start@row,   event overtaken by multi-row call,   show spliced methodIDs while composing

TouchEdit:   enable touch-specific, multi-use, unlimited-row, X/Y calls in CE/CP editors, incl CP columns,   incl. jump changes and x in plnot,   allow X/Y definitions in Abbreviations,   improve F3 search

TouchEdit FF:   allow @row0 and '=' in composition box,   improve highlight on msg Missing Method ID,   CE: show opt StopAtRounds,   MM: enable mixed events in spliced format,   Copy X/Y calls to CP via Analysis

TouchEdit / Compose / Choose:   warn if StartRow=Method.nRows

Prover:   improved falseness detection with StartRow,   opt Cancel on FalseRows msg,   True incl msg AllowOddEven
FalseRowsReport:   show all duplicated row Nos,   corrected rowNos with StartRow

Analysis:   show X/Y calling positions, incl copy to CP from/via Analysis,   enable CopyCP from CP mode to allow change Conductor,   enable X/Y CP with NoEvents,   improved O# count,   show CP with StartRow

MethodEdit:   add method name to Save menu item
CallsEdit:   disallow X/Y posn short-names,   add Delete Call/Event button + prompt

Ring:   enable X/Y calls, incl with no defined events,   adjust red bells at mid-lead X/Y call,   voice X/Y as Extreme,   force ThatsAll if end touch mid-lead,   enable Preview/Print method with no defined calls
Animation:   improve hide non-ringing bells,   HandBells: improve centre alignment inline

Sensors:   enable adjust strike delays in realtime
Import:   validate path on load DAT,   enable save settings without importing
Choose:   remove opt Cancel from MM msg multi-select,   amend msg FF
PrintTmplts:   improve loading pre-v12.24 images
Generally:   improve file error msgs,   and a few associated bug-fixes
 v12.60 Ring:   improve odd-striking with hand stroke settings
 v12.58 Ring:   enable call at first row and row after splice, H splice at row 1, splice consecutive rows at lead-end, and methods with event at row 1
TouchEdit:   remove/amend warnings,   don't show msg W=H splice on open editor and unless conductable
Raise:   rename WhenYouCan and AllTogether -> StraightAway and AfterCount
General:   rename Training & Kaleidoscope Library
Options,Sensors,Raise:   increase opt strokes for AutoGo to 20
Help:   add links to alternative bell sounds and sensor systems
 v12.57 Method:   enable JumpChanges incl. edit, calls, NewByPlNot, ring c/w save/load
NewByPlNot:   enable multi-char leadhead codes,   regularised with microSIRIL,   enable cross at lead-end,   enable where no lead-head code
Print:   show unaffected redbells per touch or MMinstance (was per method)
Raise/Lower:   improve Reset msg
Options:   warn if speed>150
Ring:   improved edit manual touch
Help:   Raising: improved StartStyle and Sensors Ignore1stFewSignals
 v12.56 TouchEdit+Ring:   enable call/splice at row 2 (always)
RingCallMM:   enable splice at row 1
TouchRingFrom:   improved warning msgs
CallPosEditor:   add method name to title bar
Help:   TouchEdit: improve StartFromRow, Start/Call/Splice conflicts,   improve R/L Tutorial
 v12.55 Options:   CoopSpeed now only with CoopTim
FreeStrike Raising:   opt AutoAbort on Stand c/w save,load
Setup:   retain PrnTmplts if exist in ProgramFiles when upgrading in XP
 v12.54 Recordings:   improve striking display with FreeStrike, incl opt Join Up The Dots   Save Recordings: prompt opt Save in Lowndes format
Setup:   include CAS software by Mark B Davies
Help:   improve Sensors - First Time Install
 v12.53 Import:   reinstate microSIRIL library v12.47,   retain Block, show/include Class
General:   position forms center app (was center screen),   lighten disabled labels,   restore Win8+ msg style
AllApps:   reinstate microSIRIL,   restore Win8+ default file locations,   improve ShortUserPath
Help:   Recording: improve Row by Row
 v12.52 Ring:   consolidate call/splice conflict warnings on StartRinging c/w save/load,   highlight plnot/touch earlier if VoiceCalls>200% before for ropes
  StartAtAnyRow: enable call/splice at row 2 where VoiceCall time < 225% before (see v12.56)
RingMM:   improve part-lead-splice with mixed stages, highlight plnot/touch and Start@Row
TouchEdit:   show startrow/call/splice warnings only in listing
TouchEditMM:   enable ViewCalls with msg where No Calls Defined,   don't offer No to init METHODS ONLY on Edit.UseCP,   allow W splice (normally illegal) at lead-end
  StartAtAnyRow: improve RingFrom validation
Raise/Lower:   adjust Ignore1stSignals loading pre-v12.51 DAT to free-strike or single sensor
Help:   add page for StartRow/Call/Splice conflict warnings
  StartAtAnyRow: amend Limitations,   move page to Composition,   add link to StartRow/Call/Splice Conflicts
  TouchEditMM: improve suggestion of mixed format for joining extents,   improve Touch MM Notation W splice,   improve H/W splice and RingWarnings call
 v12.51 Raise/Lower:   Raising: Ignore1stSignal independently for each bell,   WhenYouCan Start-Style strikes straight away,   Ignore 2 more 1stSignals for count of 4 when ringing with Beltower,   Reset Hand also asks reset signal count,   show each bell's 1st signal in Changes in Free-Strike mode,   redraw Changes on Raise button
Sensors:   add Ignore1stSignal values for each sensor bell c/w default,save,load,   show right-click on prompt for F2 Edit
Help:   improve Tips re Wait for Correct Input,   reorganise R/L, new pages in R/L+Sensors
 v12.50 Display:   opt RowAhead Medium Bright
TouchEdit:   thorough overhaul RingFrom esp. Spliced+StartRow,   don't init list row if different method/touch
Ring:   advance status plnot highlight to keyin time,   RingSpliced: improve red bells, status highlight plnot,   ConductMM: ask reset Rounds if StartSeq!, msg @row invalid
Help:   improve Call Splice at Any Row
 v12.49 New:
  Ring: Random Touches:   enable activate before (+during) ringing + AutoGo, highlight Status calls
  TouchEdit: Start At Any Row:   incl. multi-event, spliced, HPWR, print, preview, Analysis, RingFrom, Ring, RestartFrom,   warn if StartRow too close to Call or Too few rows before splice
  TouchEdit:   thorough overhaul Touch Edit/Ring,   only warn method call @ row 1 once per edit,   List on open: now Lead Heads if >500rows else Changes
  TouchEdit MM:   enable W splice at non-lead-end call row,   Edit menu Method Calls now View...,   prevent msg for half-lead splice Original or P non-lead-end,   amend msg conduct W at half-lead
  TouchEdit MM CP:   splice at nLines of next method (only 1 row with Bob),   build splice at call row
  CallsEdit:   warn if Disable Red hunt bells
  Ring MM:   adjust redline bells at mid-lead call or lead-end
  Choose:   improve msg if >30 touches
  Analysis:   disable CopyCallPos if CP active
  Tips:   add page Start Ringing From, add notes on MM Add Method
  Help:   extensively clarify Build/FF/CE/CP as Modes,   new page Start Ringing From,   amend FF MM touches,   improve R/L touches,   add notes on MM Add Method,   acknowledge Whiting Soc.
  BML:   added Falmouth, Turramurra, Ytterbium and Ely Surprise Major
  Generally:   a few bug-fixes
 v12.48 Raise/Lower:   reset Hand/Back for free-strike
Challenge:   added Quiz prompt
Help:   improved R/L free-strike
Setup:   opt SuperQuick update, incl. don't ask add start/desktop Icons,   don't ask rename extg BML/BCL
 v12.47 Importing Methods:   from methods.org.uk XML files (reversed in v12.53),   recall AddDefaultCalls, IgnoreExtgMethods settings,   warn if >100 selected (was 500),   MethodEdit.NewByPlNot: amend to match,   MethodEdit.Import(Overwrite): always overwrite(replace) add msg
Tips:   font now Arial
Upgrade:   thorough overhaul,   added Bayles, Penultimatus, Cloister, TBHunt and WPHunt to default method WAVs
Setup:   add opt QuickUpgrade (omit Real Ringers)
Help:   added HandBellMgr page to Contents
 v12.46 Challenge:   improve Opt 2/3 titles,   add quick-key short-cuts to Close/Cancel/Quit
Help:   Sensors: improve Handbell Manager, Serial input,   MMTouch: improve touches, Part-Lead method change
 v12.45 Ring:   enable odd-striking without starting animation,   amend HighPrecisionTiming msg,   bug-fix 64 bit RingTimerOverflow
Save:   remove SaveAs warning for Documents folder,   amend ProgFiles warning, incl +/-(x86),   don't check FileExists if Selections
About:   rename was Properties
Upgrade:   text improvements, amend SaveAs warnings
Setup:   amend Save warnings, allow for path\
 v12.43 Sound:   add distinct PitchKey settings for MIDI, H/B Banks,   opt PitchKey lowered to F1
 v12.42 Options+Changes:   enable Highlight 2 ringer's bells with Coop-Timing
Striking Monitor:   enable hits count + averages for 2 bells
Animation:   handbells were stripey on certain displays
 v12.41 Recordings:   overhaul incl. show 2 ringers bells, add green line,   if 1 or 2 ringers base faults on target times else faults always Band,   single ringer faults summary: early faults ignores perfect rows,   colour faults red,   omit faults if incl raise/lower,   show pre-version 8 filenames,   End key stops recording freestrike,   Save: defaults to DistinctHB (incl R/L),   PlayBack corrected multi-method calls
FaultLog:   disable if incl raise/lower, Interval now only 2 decimal places
Preferences:   new opt don't Ask Switch to Hand-Stroke
Challenge:   Option 2 now Identify (was Diagnose),   improved msg Switch Off AutoGo
General:   improve msg upgraded Call Voices
 v12.40 Recordings:   display blue line for single bell,   improved single bell faults calc+display,   opt save recordings in Lowndes format for CAS analysis
Training Library:   added MexicanWaveDodging +Reverse, CambridgePlaces 6,8
 v12.39 Training Library:   Kaleidoscope library renamed Training+Kaleidoscope,   Mexican Wave +Reverse +Dodging, Whole Pull Hunt, Cambridge Places, Treble Bob Hunt and 100 individual Kaleidoscope exercises added
Options:   new CallThatsAll AtEnd for training exercises
Options, Sensors, Raise/Lower:   activate AutoGo/Start after 2 rows
Ring:   ask switch off ThatsAll on open TrainingLibrary,   don't ask switch off AutoGo if manual Go after AutoGo,   enable call ThatsAll from non-Rounds,   enable manual ThatsAll OnReturn when not conducting,   clear RedBells at end of MM touch
Call Changes:   msg Not Rounds only if Calling not by Places
Preview:   improve msg InstallPrinter
BML Method library:   WholePullHunt and TrebleBobHunt moved BKL training library
 v12.38 Raise/Lower:   add optional font size
 v12.36 Sound:   separate SoundTenorAsOf for Tower+Hand bells
DisplaySettings:   replicate Options.Highlight
TouchEdit:   enable edited CP names for unaffected bells
CallsEdit:   edit CP names on Add
Raise/Lower:   refresh Sensor bell if changed in Options,   enabled re-edit intervals
Options:   warn R/L reserved key codes
Animation:   cartoons renamed avatars
 v12.35 Raising/Lowering:   all new, realistic, in peal
Recordings:   Detect.Hand.Back per bell is now the default
Ring:   opt 3x speed change at keyboard,   enable Go toolbutton with freestrike,   enable call it rounds when not conducting,  AutoGo starts CallChanges if no method,   don't AutoAccelerate unless selected,   End ringing after Stand when last bell missed input,   improve msg Can't Start at Hand,   cancel call voices on Stop ringing
Options:   Call inputs start ringing always unless FreeStrike (was Sensors only)
Sensors:   enable Call.Switch.Also.Does with Serial input,   new opt Ignore First Signal,   Call.Switch.Starts.Ringing now always unless FreeStrike,   enable Auto-Stand with call changes,   TestSensor shows unselected COM pins only when pin-high,   add'l error handling open/closing sensors,   improved msg on error 8020,   don't open COM port when inactive,   disable edit hidden COM port/pins (Serial)
Sensors: MBI:   apply delays with Belfree,   enable odd-striking, and variable signal-strike with Raising/Lowering
Sensors: Bagley MBI:   separate Bagley and Master, opt apply delays in Beltower,   didn't refresh file.Delays on SaveSel,   possible persistent not responding msg
Changes:   redraw on change ringers bell
Options/Wizard:   only enable Initialise if FreeStrike,   improve ask Adjust.Free.Strike,   warn if too many multi-Keys for Transitions
Sound Settings:   increase max swing-time increment to 120,   improve default SwingTimes,   show error if DLL not found at start-up
TouchEdit:   warn enter events if CP header in CE editor
General:   improvements in Animation, Auto-Stand,   and a few bug-fixes
Method Library:   reinstated Cloister Doubles
Installation:   register OCXs on Win 64 bit
 v12.34 Sensors:   keep ringing after msg PortAlreadyOpen,   restore sensors on cancel msg InvalidCOMport
Ring menu:   Random.Restrict was Edit
bug-fixes:   COM ports not working,   Diagnostics mis-reporting
Help:   improve SpliceAtAnyRow
 v12.33 Handbells Animation:   centre 2 bells c/w ghost/omit,   inline centre bells now always on 2nd row,   add highlight to 'up' pic and don't go over the balance,   increased default swingtimes
Ring:   keep Selections open on Open Kaleidoscope
Help:   minor improvements
 v12.32 Touches generally incl. Multi-Method:   completely overhauled editing incl HPWR, ringing, RingFrom, ATW
TouchEditor MM:   add splice at any row,   CE: highlight non-matching spliced format,   CP: allow posns header comments < len lines with HWPR,   LeadHeadList: show row+Method at part-lead splice,   regularised ListCoursingOrder
TouchEditor CP:   improve find rounds,   allow HPWR under no header posn,   add msg can't build if calls overlap (unless plain lead)
TouchEditor:   improve msg RingWdwOutOfDate,   warn manual call if calls at row 1,   add msgs if touch not conductable,   ask keep/discard changes on New/Choose
Touch Composer:   include splice multi-event methods
Touch Analysis:   add msg Can't show Unaffected with part-lead splice
Options:   remove Click Prompt KeyIn, move Wait to replace it
Options/Ring:   add opt manual Splice at Any Row c/w opt show row calls input numbers
Options/Sensors:   added opt auto-stand nRows after method/touch if CallLookTo,   AutoGo: keep nRows when disabled
CallsEdit:   add RowNo at event
CallPosEdit:   add unaffected long name to bell list at calls where bell has no affected name,   Affected names never from preceding lead/event head
Striking Monitor:   report added Combined Early+Late
Ring:   add splice at any row, incl manual calls,   improved RingFrom,   allow Sensor ThatsAll to call Go,   improved timing precision,   ManualCalledMM: add startseq to touch on edit,   adapt status.Accur % for RingFrom,   increase max CoopSpeed to 240
Changes:   enable 5100 ScrollLines, default=1400
Recording:   increase default to 300 rows
OpenLib:   quick search for *.BML if not found
Help:   improved StrkMon incl BeepAtStrike, CallMMmanually, contents, index
 v12.31 Ring:   finer Speed adjustment,   add Ctrl+WdwsLogo keys to End ringing
Sensors:   max 4 COM ports, raised COM limit to 32,   Serial: separate Mode/COM box, Pins: separate COM/pin boxes,   show blank instead of 'none'
Sound:   adjust SwingTimes by Increments,   closer default SwingTimes,   don't suggest CommonSwingTime,   add scroll TenorOffset: 9/16
Setup:   new COM255 utility to alter the limit on COM ports
 v12.30 Animation:   increase Ghostliness,   faster loading Real pics if Flip,   limit Redraws when already drawn/loaded,   separate Ringer settings for Hand/Tower cartoons,   separate Layout settings for Real/Cartoon,   enable CoopTim/Speed with TowerBells+AnimOnInput if Flip
Sound/SwingTime:   add Fine Tuning + Key Adjustment for each sound bank,   corrected PitchAdj to Scientific Pitch Notation: octave base C,   init SoundBank tab on entry or switch Device, Hand/Tower or BankNo,   default SwingTimes closer
Ring:   status now shows Challenge DisruptBand
Call Changes:   ask Auto-Home ringer's bells if out of range
Generally:   extensive improvements with CoopTim, CoopSpeed, switch Hand/Tower bells, Hide/Omit Ringer
 v12.29 Real Ringers:   improve Real Ringers animation,   amend order Mixed1/2 RealRingers
Sound/SwingTime:   new opt CommonSwingTime for smoother Real Ringers
Ring:   add CommonSwingTime, c/w ask switch unless Flip,   restore prev SwingTimes
AnimOpt:   separate Flip settings for Hand/Tower bells,   default Flip with HandBells
Animation:   adjust ropes PicStrikeTime with flip
Main:   init Anim on Close DAT
Basic panel:   maintain/improve input prompt
 v12.28 Animation:   add Real ringers c/w Long/Short pics, opt CropRopeTops,   add opt ShowEyes (face) of following ringer,   enable Flip with tower bells,   adjust default SwingTimes,   widen Ropes.Draw.ProgressBar,   keep Preview in front of Striking Monitor
TouchEdit:   allow Plain Hunt in Spliced/Mixed Touch, incl. multi-stage
MethodEdit:   allow duplicate rows in methods (whole pull hunting)
Library:   add Whole Pull Hunt Singles to Major, Treble Bob Hunt on 4,6,8, Penultimatus and Bayles Doubles, Churchyard Bob in Spliced Doubles
HandBells:   shorten wait after LookTo
Help:   Sensors: note switch off BlueTooth/Wireless
Setup:   opt install only 2 Real ringers
 v12.27 loadDAT:   valid Speeds now 15-40
Kaleidoscope:   added msgs: Missing/Invalid BKL file,   bug-fix sometimes didn't load Kaleidoscope library
Method Calls:   improved Rutland
 v12.26 TouchEdit:   require P on rounds for part-lead method change,   enable load invalid touch
Ring:   enable edited/manual method change at part-lead rounds,   remove opt Low Priority Anim
Print:   didn't automatically print colour on some systems
Help:   improved Touch CP notation
 v12.25 AnimOpt:   add auto-shadow shirt sleeves
Sensors: Serial Input for Belfree interface:   opt disable Bagley Master delays msgs,   add footswitch codes 'G USOWRQ',   add CallSwitchAlsoDoes: Start, Go, +/-CC, Stand, End
Messages:   improved display, incl for Vista/7/8 to match MsgBox
Help:   Sensors: add note Belfree,   CallSwitchAlsoDoes: improved and added Easy Set-up,   Preferences: improved AllowCallStandOnlyInRounds
 v12.24 Animation:   New opt user-definable MF layout
PrnTmplt:   bug-fix sometimes missing template images
 v12.22 Animation:   new opt male/female images plus ropes only
Generally:   a few minor amendments
 v12.20 Musical Analysis:   renamed Roll-ups as Music, renamed totals
Help:   ditto and improved Swing Time and Collective Adjustment
 v12.19 Changes+Anim:   improve default wdw posn when un-docked, allow in settings
Print:   warn and disable Landscape if unavailable
 v12.18 Sensors MBI:   improved msg with multiple PCs if not master
BML method library:   add Observation touch to Grandsire Doubles
Help:   addl links + improvements to Touch Editor, improved T.Overview and Challenge
Tips:   add BeepAtStrike
 v12.17 Beep At Strike:   new opt Beep+Invert to eliminate beep with perfect striking
Method Library:   12 new methods as RW Diary 2014 + amended method names as Diagrams 2011 c/w long/short WAV voices,   add Erin Extreme
 v12.15 Call Changes:   new options to call bells to Change and by Places: manual, random and edited c/w Editor, default/save/load
Voices:   add new files for Places,   add General tab for non-Method/CC calls,   amend default call durations for cc1, cc9
Close/Init Selections:   don't reset ShowHelpAtStartup
CC Editor:   fix Invalid Call msg on OpenCCLib if record Call type not default
Help:   improve Voices,   improve calling: freestrike, CC, Go, touches
 v12.14 Ring/Options/Sensors:   new opt input Transitions: Up/Down Keyin/Mouse/HBManager, High/Low Sensors determine hand/back strokes
Options:   enable AltHB and Transitions unless PlaceKeys,   disallow non-alpha multikeys with transitions,   clear Alt/Target to enable Target/Alt,   prompt stop ringing if disable switches off AnimOnInput
Options Info:   add Transitions, show Sensor Input only if selected
Options/Sound Settings:   suggest Transitions on warn AltHB
Sensors:   add prompt set External Sensors in Options
Preset Timing Options:   now offers Key Transitions with hand bells if AltHB
Preferences:   new opt Key Up=Hand Transitions with tower bells
Animation:   place by mouse inappropriate on non-ringers,   improve stroke on sensor input if AnimOnInput with KeyInTime<5%
Splash:   note Win 8
Help:   improve call Go
Tips:   add Transitions
 v12.13 Changes: Wait mode:   fault flag now hyphen if only delayed input
Changes window:   improve height of prompt bar
Library:   added 77 methods from RW Diary 2008 and Diagrams 2011 c/w 139 long/short WAV voices
 v12.12 Changes: Wait mode:   faults and delayed input now flagged, replaces input place
Options:   stop ringing if switch from Wait to non-placekey
CC Library:   add 20 All Over
Setup:   allow microSIRIL in non-Beltower path,   only auto-adjust Data/MS paths from EXE/Data if not already edited
 v12.11 improved messages Font and text alignment
 v12.10 Basic Panel:   improve KeepVisible on resize Main window
Ring:   improve/enable strike+anim+accuracy with Ropes+AnimOnInput + Keyin < 5% Before strike
Changes window:   improve height prompt bar
Help:   improve basic calls editing
 v12.09 Welcome:   add QuickKey shortcuts,   init focus on Preset Timing options,   prevent edit Preset text
Basic Mode:   don't hide StrkMon on StartRing,   keep Basic Panel visible on resize main window
General:   Vista+ disallow Save data in ProgFiles,   Add system sounds to with-ring msgs (MsgFrm),   Adjust MsgBox messages for Win8,   improve punctuation
MMEditor:   improved call across lead end at change of method
StrkMon:   enabled options in Basic mode
Options Info:   Summary: Animation: multi-RingersBells show full colour
Help:   improved switch to Keep Going, Save CC
Setup:   always default EXE to Program Files, Vista+ data to Documents,   Vista+ disallow Data in ProgFiles,   disable microSIRIL ctls when deselected
General:   Update minreq to incl Win 8
 v12.07 Method Library:   Add remaining 24 of standard 41 minor methods c/w long+short voices
WAV Voices:   Add voices for ATW 23-spliced
 v12.06 Sensors:  
  • new opt Auto-Adjust Ringers+MultiK+Sensors for freestrike nBells + opt BackBellSensors
  • improved COM port diagnostics for RI
  • improved AlternateSignals with CoopTim
 v12.03 Sensors:   RI now reliable
Help:   Sensors: note RLSD=CD, Error 8020
Method Library:   add touches to Plain Bob Triples to Maximus
 v12.02 Move BasicOptionAtStartUp to File menu,   Help: note CPU usage
 v12.01 Add opt High/Low Priority Animation
 v12.00 Main Improvements:  
  • new optional Basic mode,
  • new optional Welcome screen with opt Advanced/Basic and opt PresetTimingOption,
  • all new voice calls for improved sound quality, with choice of short/long Method calls
Ring:   quieter 'To' call,   default (new DAT) quieter bells for louder calls

Sound Settings:   new common Volume control

Voices Settings:   new opt Treble/One (call changes)

Preset Timing Options:  
  • new TowerBellSensors opts: +Animation+OmitRinger, +CoopTim, +CoopTim+CoopSpeed,
  • Listing/Simple now recognised with hand bells,
  • add multikeys if none with Sensors,   doesn't predict BlueBells/MultiKeys,   reduced default Speed threshold to 18
Help Sensors:   new page first time installation and diagnostics

Minor Improvements:
  • OPTIONS:   InitFreeStrike:   improve msg Switch Off StartRing with Sensor CallSwitch, and if inactive don't ask,   revise MultiKeys
      only warn Sensors+AnimOnInput with tower bells
  • CHANGES:   promptbar smaller, always Arial non-italic
  • GENERALLY:   always ask Save Selections,   scrap SaveOnExit
  • WIZARD/INFO SUMMARY:   note keyin-time during Preceding stroke in Wait Mode
  • METHOD/SUBST'CALL VOICE:   improved validation on Enter key
  • HELP ON STARTUP:   now Help Centre,   saved in registry per user,   don't prompt Save Selections
  • TIPS:   add Sound Settings Volume Control,   switch long/short Voices in Upgrade
  • METHOD LIBRARY:   shorter default (new BML) method voice files,   strip out obsolete HuntBells
  • UPGRADE:   v6.3 opt switch long/short calls in BML,   opt amend DAT voice durations,   remove opt update Durations For Stage,   improve update file version
  • LICENCE:   allow also install in tower
  • SETUP:   don't ask keep newer OCX files
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