Improvements for 2018

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Improvements since 2016 include the following:

Jump Changes:
Enabled bells to jump more than 1 place.

Ring Date Touches (incl. 578 for 2018):
Enabled manually call splice at adjacent rows.   Ring edited touch with call (Bob) or splice at any row.

whole band striking report Recordings: Free-Strike striking display
The striking report has been improved for free-striking (all real ringers) with up to 3 coloured lines.

Ring Random Touches:   can be activated before (+during) ringing incl. AutoGo, and Status calls are highlighted to show when active.

TouchEdit: Start At Any Row:   has been applied throughout incl. multi-event methods, multi-method touches, part-lead splice, print, preview, Analysis, Ring, RingFromPartWay etc. along with a thorough overhaul of touches

Hand Bells Hand Bells:   The Changes display, the Striking Monitor and Recordings have all been upgraded to allow for 2 bells.   With Cooperative-Timing the Changes will now Highlight 2 ringer's bells.   The Striking Monitor shows the hits count + combines the averages for 2 bells.   Recordings have been completely overhauled and include highlight 2 ringers bells with blue and green lines, and the faults are now coloured red.

The Animation has big improvements in response to various requests:   You can now centre 2 handbells and omit or ghost both of them.   Hand bells no longer go over the balance and the 'up' pic has been improved.   The default swing-times are now slower as well, and since v12.39 AutoGo can start method straight away.

Screenshot 2: Hand bells animation shows 8 bells full-circle with the 3 and 4 omitted.

Training and Kaleidoscope:   Mexican Wave, Mexican Wave + Reverse, Whole Pull Hunt, Treble Bob Hunt and 100 individual Kaleidoscope exercises have been added to the BelTutor.BKL library (free download available), and a new option has been added to Auto-Call Thats-All at the end of an exercise, eg. Mexican Wave and Treble Bob Hunt.

Raising and Lowering:   was a new feature.

Sensors and Switches:   Beltower applies delays with Belfree and optionally with Bagley MBI, to enable odd-striking and variable strike delays with raising and lowering,   and inputs from keyboard, mouse, Belfree, Handbell Manager and USB foot switches have been rationalised for method calls.

Touches generally incl. Multi-Method:   You can now 'Combine' methods (splice at any row) including Calling Manually.   Touches have been completely overhauled:   incl. editing, ringing, Ring From part way through, All-The-Work reporting, Half-lead splice, method change at Part-lead rounds (eg. principles), and calling Rounds (eg. at snap lead).   There have been extensive improvements to multi-method touch editing, including splicing multi-event methods (eg. Stedman), highlighting errors, less restrictive free-format editing, improved listings and more warning messages.

Ringing:   There's finer Speed control   and improved timing precision and striking reporting (16 times more precise).   There's a new Auto-Stand option,   Combined early+late faults in the Striking Monitor report,   and a peal is scrollable in Changes.   And you can now End ringing with the Ctrl+WdwsLogo keys (handy for portables, laptops etc.)

Striking Monitor   Combined Faults has been added, showing the average of all your errors.

Animation:   SwingTimes (wheel rotation) now in 2 settings for easier adjustment.

Sensors:   raised COM limit to 32.

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    Improvements for 2018

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