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Wedding Bells

Bell Ringing:

The timeless sound of English church bells provides the perfect backdrop for your wedding.
Church bell ringing is one of those quintessentially British sounds that we often take for granted.   The unique English style of ringing evolved over 400 years ago, and has become part of our heritage.
What better sound could announce your wedding, across the town, for all to hear.

Wedding Ringing:

At St. Paul's we normally ring beforehand, to welcome the bride and guests as they arrive, and also immediately after the wedding service.   We start the ringing after the service so that as you leave the main body of the church to the sound of the organ, by the time you have passed through the porch, you hear the bells, as you emerge into the church forecourt (and we hope into the sunshine).
We normally ring for 20-30 minutes each time, which is roughly the time that most wedding parties spend taking pictures at the front of the church.   The ringing is fairly continuous, though we often pause briefly to rearrange the band and ring something different.
We try to ring all eight bells, but occasionally it is difficult to get eight of our best ringers together, especially mid-week or allowing for holidays, in which case we might not be able to ring all eight bells.   Even six bells is a glorious sound to accompany your wedding.
We respectfully ask that wedding cars should not block the access to the car park at the rear of the church, during the service, otherwise the ringers might be unable to start on time.

Commemorative Ringing:

We often celebrate a notable event by ringing a special performance called a quarter peal, which takes about 50 minutes and requires more skill than routine wedding ringing.   If you would like us to ring a quarter peal to celebrate your wedding or other special occasion, please contact us to discuss details.

Other Offers:

If you or any of your guests would like to see the ringing in action, we can arrange this at no extra cost.   Best arranged beforehand.
Any experienced ringers amongst your wedding guests, will be very welcome to come up and join in with the ringing.
If at a convenient time before or after your wedding, you would like to visit the tower to see the bells or the ringing, we can normally arrange this for you.   You are welcome to visit us during our weekly Wednesday practice between 7.30 and 9pm.

Ringers' Fees:

Charges vary from time to time and the Parish Secretary will confirm the current charges.
  • Ringing after your wedding 140
  • Ringing before and after your wedding 200
  • Quarter peal rung to commemorate a special occasion 140
  • Any experienced ringers amongst your guests are welcome to join in some of the ringing.


To book either the ringers or a visit, please contact the tower captain:   See Contacts.

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