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Beltower Bell Ringing Software


BELTOWER is multi-functional software for change ringing, incorporating a bell ringing simulator, method, touch and peal printing, editors, composer, prover and much more...

It is designed for bell ringers to practise ringing and calling, either at home or in a tower, and includes the natural sound of church bells and hand bells, interactive animation, input from external sensors, and a wide choice of display/input practice modes.

You can edit, ring and call call-changes, monitor your striking and add randomised striking/method errors to test your listening/conducting skills.   Beltower lets you practise, edit, compose, prove and print methods, touches and peals, on 3 to 16 bells, including any number of mixed and spliced methods.

Beltower is probably the most versatile of all the bell ringers software available, combining a variety of functionality into a single package.

"Definitely the most feature rich product available.   It can do anything you want."   Simon Head (RW reviewer)
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